My surreal painting are a dialogue about what exists but cannot be expressed with words. The series of paintings Searching for Life springs from my experience as a human in a time of loss and transformation. The disappearance of species touches me, and my paintings are a comment on the way that nature, and us humans, relate to that.

Many of my paintings are on large canvas and I work very detailed, I am a SlowArt painter. Forms and figures emerge from my subconscious and are recorded in sketchbooks, and my motifs and ideas are carefully chosen before the first brushstroke.

I have also worked with original graphics and prints as well as designed several textile collections and series of silk scarves.

  • Educated textile designer, Denmarks Design School
  • Minolta sponsored designer
  • Represented with textile art, Charlottenborg
  • Screen printer with own workshop
  • Textile banners, traveling exhibitions in Europe and Asia
  • Premiere Vision Collection Paris for Isko
  • Computer graphic designs, i.a. for Theater Cantabile 2
  • Musician on CD releases Naked Rain, jazz/world music

Rasmus Lorens Hagedorn-Olsen
Rådvad 8,
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
mobil: 2679 9074